The scenario:-

An established family restaurant & takeaway business with mobile catering vans selling cold and hot food in house and to take away from the restaurant and at outside events.

Currently using up to 1000 polystyrene foam burger boxes, meal boxes, cups and plastic stirrers, dinner forks, spoons and chip forks per week.

In the summer this could rise to 4000 per week with a full program of outside events and associated waste issues.

– Large busy restaurant serving hot & cold meals

– Mobile catering vans serving food & drinks at events

– Takeaway food & drink service from restaurant

The solution:-

The polystyrene hot food containers currently provide heat insulation and a level of retention, grease resistance and value.

Bagasse Compressed Card base containers provided not only a stylish look & feel but grease resistance so were suitable for a level of moisture and the compressed pulp provided heat insulation for a better customer experience. In addition these could be easily labelled to bring brand value for the business together with a compostable ethos message. The price was at time of exercise was about 3p more a container, however the brand value, look and feel displaying the right message together with the local council waste department and venue organisers made the return far greater.


Foam cups are cheap, easy and provide heat insulation together with a plastic tear back sip lid.

Vegware Kraft Double Walled Compostable Hot Cups c/w PLA Sip Thru Lids a stylish smooth compressed pulp double walled body in brown natural Kraft look with a snug fitting smooth poly lactose compostable lid with a sip through hole. This was the perfect upgrade from the white polystyrene cups. The product instantly gained value bridging the 2p difference in price, it looked like a £2 coffee as opposed to a £1 one plus they designed an ink pad logo for each to print on the body of the cups.

Plastic Cutlery is cheap and easy.

Bamboo Wooden Forks, Dessert Spoons and Wooden Drink Stirrers provided a straight easy replacement and fitted in with the look and feel of the packaging. Products are certified to avoid splintering and provided no waste issue.


In addition in the spirit of the new greenmypackaging switch, the client went from white serviettes to using our own invention the Unbleached Kraft napkins to match.

Since establishing a complete new packaging look and business attitude towards their responsibilities of waste at home and away they have seen an upturn in takeaway sales, improved margins and opened up the possibility of more outdoor events as they are meeting t&c’s regards specified waste.