The scenario

A brand new pub seating up to 350 covers with multiple rooms and sections.

  • Bars
  • Restaurant seating
  • Kids play zone
  • Function suite
  • Kitchen
  • Washrooms
  • Outdoor play, patio seating and gardens



The solution

With wide expansive areas of hard flooring such as tiles, laminate and rubber safety the labour costs could be high to maintain on a daily basis.

In the absence and restrictions on running commercial floor cleaning machines we put in a simple Microtex Flat mopping system.

The mop pads use only water and with a swivel bracket Velcro frame allowed easy efficient mopping without the need for buckets of mopping water and small woven heads with little coverage.

The operators leave with a small easy to carry bag of large 50cm x 15cm pads pre-dampened and using a figure of eight action and cutting into the edges and under the obstructions mop until the pads are full of soiling, then simply change them for a fresh one.

On completion the bag of soiled mop pads is returned to the laundry area and these pads are washed in a daily microfiber wash cycle with no bleaches, softeners and a little GMB Bio Laundry Detergent.

Each pad will launder up to 500 times due to the quality and durability of the product.

Being a large building which has just been refurbished there were numerous hard bar and table tops to be cleaned regularly by the team, plus glass, brass, shiny furnishings, catering food surfaces and the children’s sensitive play zone.

We specified our excellent GMB GreenSan terminal British Standard certified approved sanitiser cleaner which comes in a 5ltr container ready to be diluted at 20 parts to 1 part with water to use throughout all sensitive areas from the surfaces, kitchen to the play zone together with microfiber surface and glass cloths.

By buying concentrate cleaners in you reduce carbon cost of transporting water, just add your own on site and save a lot of money.

GreenSan made 200 trigger refills in to one of our Screen Printed spray bottles costing less than 5p each as apposed buying ready-made triggers costing £1-2 each and then the cost of plastic waste and recycling to the business and environment.

Microfibre colour coding was implemented with ‘pink for sink’ in washrooms, ‘blue for loo’, ‘green to be seen’ for the front of house and yellow in the kitchen (haven’t got a rhyme for that yet, suggestions on a postcard J)

Washrooms adopted the same cleaning philosophy with the exception of using our GMB GreenWash Apple complete washroom cleaner.

The children’s Play Zone used a diluted solution of GreenSan to soak the ball pen balls and sanitise equipment on their hygiene schedule.

The Kitchen adopted GMB GreenOrange also as a general degreaser cleaner as they had fryers which give off airborne fat deposits.



The savings

Microfibre mop pads save up to 75% of water use, 100% chemical costs, 75% material replacement costs with laundering cycles and reduce labour costs by 50% with significant improvements to cleaning and hygiene standards.

GreenSan/GreenWash/GreenOrange cleaners save up to 99% on equivalent spend using ready-made commercial trigger sprays.

Microfibre Surface Cloths & Microfibre Glass Cloths  save up to 75% chemical use, material replacement costs and water use, as well as significantly improving the hygiene standards.

For more details on any of the above please contact the team on 01392 824868. To see handy videos on our products see our greenmybusiness YouTube videos.

This one is for assembling the microfiber mop and shows the simplicity of the system you may enjoy…

This one shows you the microfibre cloths