Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Are you looking for ways to help improve your business’s impact on the environment? Environmentally friendly commercial cleaning products are a fantastic way to help keep your businesses as clean as ever whilst helping to reduce the number of harmful chemicals discharged into your local environment.

Green My Business offers a wide range of eco-friendly commercial cleaning products at an affordable price for a wide range of sectors, including cafes, hotels, restaurants, schools, care homes, farm shops, offices and surgeries.

What Are Eco Friendly Commercial Cleaning Supplies?

Most commercial cleaning products are manufactured using a range of harmful and strong chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are produced in an unsustainable and energy inefficient way, or are designed for the purpose of single use.

We are very proud of the eco-friendly cleaning products that we have created and are the mainstay of our business. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Products | Green My Business. These products are manufactured in the UK, in an environmental award-winning factory, and have been made to our specifications to provide an extremely high cleaning, sanitising, and degreasing performance on all surfaces.

But that’s not all we do! Whether it’s compostable scourers and jcloths, our high quality washable microfibre products – allowing you to get better results with a fraction of the chemical usage, our range of un-bleached KRAFT paper products (including centrefeed, napkins, and handtowels), our eco-friendly laundry and dishwash products, or our recycled farm waste refuse sacks … we have plenty of ideas to ensure a more environmentally friendly clean without sacrificing results or affordability.

Find out more about our range of green products in our regular blog posts, Environmentally friendly product news – Green My Business, or search for products in the categories below.

The Benefits Of Using Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Keeping an eye on your carbon footprint and sustainable product usage has never been easier, thanks to our wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. When you swap over to us, you will benefit from the following:

  • Equally effective products that are safe and affordable to use
  • Reduced negative impact on your local waterways by purchasing cleaning, catering and laundry chemicals that are phosphate free
  • Reduced cleaning budget by purchasing reusable and non-diluted products, such as washable microfibre clothes, or our concentrated chemicals
  • Reduced impact on the environment and the amount of waste your company creates by purchasing biodegradable, recycled, unbleached or compostable products – Sourcing Products – Green My Business
  • Free next-day courier services when you spend £75 or more
  • Free delivery if located on one of our ever-growing van routes


Buy Your Green My Business Cleaning Products Today

With a wide range of cleaning products available, we have plenty of ideas to ensure a more environmentally friendly clean without sacrificing results, safety, or affordability.

No matter your requirements at Green My Business, we will have the product range for you. For more information or to make an order, contact us today at 01392 824868 or email us at

We also offer a wide range of eco-friendly packaging and catering products if you’re interested in transforming the way that your business operates. All our products are also available for domestic use – providing cost effective, easy to use, and environmentally friendly alternatives for the home.