• What makes them eco-friendly?
    Many high street brands aren’t conscious about using harsh chemicals in their formulas, which makes for an even harsher aroma of fumes hitting your nose as you spray your tables. Those fumes aren’t just effecting your health, they’re being released into the air around you.
    Where possible, our products are made from recycled waste such as apples  and oranges in order to create natural, delicious smelling products without the fumes aggravating your allergies. All unnecessary chemicals are cut out in the making whilst still meeting the UK standards
  • Where are our products made?
    Our products are made right here in England, meaning there’s no effect on the environment having them shipped from abroad. Limiting our carbon footprint
  • How do they work?
    Our products come in a concentrated 5 litre container with a pump. Customers purchase as many trigger spray bottles as they need. The labelled trigger bottles are reusable, although made from plastic, there’s no need to dispose of these after using them directions for use are detailed on the trigger bottles. Dilute the concentrated chemical into the bottle using only water, shake and use. What our customers love the most about our products are how cost effective they are. So, if the environment isn’t your main concern, let us help you save money!
  • Would you like to try before you buy?
    Our sales rep will come and see you with samples and compare your current prices in order to not only green your business, but help you cut your costs where possible – Get in contact for more details or to arrange.