For anyone providing any kind of event catering, Eco-friendly food packaging must be top of the list. Just say NO to un-recyclable Polystyrene cups! We sell the innovative Vegware range; a stylish, affordable eco solution for food packaging that you can be proud to use.

Boxed Food Cartons

Practical and well designed, these food cartons are the perfect environmentally friendly container for all takeaway foods. The small version is the perfect size for side dishes such as rice and noodles, small pies or chocolate brownies. The larger Vegware Food Cartons are ideal for pasta, pie, mash and gravy and all sorts of hot treats.

As well as looking great, these boxes are also up to the job. Made from sustainably sourced paper board with a water-based coating, they have leak-proof webbed corners and fold-in flaps to give a secure closure. These boxes won’t leak or seep grease stains. Therefore you’re going to have happy customers.

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Vegware cup
Vegware double walled compostable coffee cups

Compostable Coffee Cups

What to do with hot drinks? you need a cup that will keep the liquid hot but not burn hands. These award winning, double walled Vegware hot cups are the perfect solution. Vegware have come up with the greenest insulated hot cup on the market. Made with two layers of sustainably sourced cardboard and lined with a plant-based PLA, rather than plastic, it means that they are completely compostable. Added to this, they are widely accepted for organics recycling and dry mixed recycling.

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As well as Vegware, we also sell a range of disposable cutlery, perfect for any outdoor events. Shop here.