Eco-friendly cleaning products every business should have

We are very proud of the eco-friendly cleaning products that we have created and are the mainstay of our business.

These products are manufactured in the UK, in an environmental award winning factory. They have been made to our specifications to provide an extremely high cleaning, sanitising and degreasing performances on all surfaces, for all your kitchen and house-cleaning needs.

In line with our emphasis on eco-friendly products, the 5 litre containers they’re are sold in are made from recycled plastic.

eco-friendly cleaning products - bathroom cleaner, sanitiser, degreaser
Eco-friendly cleaning products


GreenOrange is a heavy duty GreenOrange degreaser multi-surface cleaner. This product cuts through grease like no-body’s business. It’s suitable for all surfaces; floors, walls, tiles, ovens and grills.

Derived from a blend of natural ingredients with a fresh scent of orange rind, GreenOrange gives the ultimate cleaning and degreasing performance on all surfaces. Added to this, it’s environmentally safe, making this product a real winner in our eyes. Buy a 5 litre bottle here.


If you need all of your surfaces to be sanitised on a regular basis, then this is the product for you.

GreenSan is an Eco-Cleaner Sanitiser. This product is an approved British Standard terminal double chain sanitiser cleaner. We have created this sanitiser specifically for use throughout all areas of the workplace such as food preparation, counters and countless other sensitive areas.  Buy the 5 litre bottle here.

Are the 5 litre bottles too big? We also sell 600ml GreenSan refill trigger bottles which can be bought here for just £1.50 ex VAT.

Bathroom Cleaner

Our GreenWashroom Apple bathroom cleaner smells delightful.

Aimed at cleaning those heavy duty areas without leaving noxious fumes. It is a non acidic bathroom cleaner that will clean toilets and sinks perfectly. Meant for daily use, it’s apple scent will make cleaning a joy. Buy a 5 litre bottle here.

Find the full range of eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products here.