Eco Friendly Takeaway Packaging

Are you wanting to improve your business’s impact on the environment? Our environmentally friendly takeaway packaging and eco-friendly food packaging are a fantastic way to help keep your business providing sustainable products whilst helping to reduce the amount of waste to landfill.
Green My Business offers a wide range of eco-friendly takeaway packaging at an affordable price for a wide range of sectors, including cafes, hotels, pubs, restaurants, farm shops & office.

What Is Eco Friendly Takeaway Packaging?

At Green My Business, we work hard to provide a wide selection of environmentally friendly takeaway cups and containers to help businesses become more sustainable.

Whether it’s our unbleached KRAFT napkins, our plant-based lined cardboard food and drink containers, our recycled sugarcane fibre takeaway packaging, our wooden disposable cutlery, our paper straws, or our extensive range of paper straws … we have plenty of ideas to ensure more environmentally friendly takeaway packaging without sacrificing quality, looks or affordability.

Coffee Cups, Cold Cups, Bagasse Trays, Food Cartons … give us a Vegware code and we will do our best to give you an unbeatable price – with substitute suggestions if we think we can offer a suitable alternative for less!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Eco Friendly Takeaway Containers

Swapping to more environmentally friendly takeaway products has never been easier, thanks to our wide range of biodegradable packaging and catering products. When you swap over to us, you will benefit from the following:

  • Equally effective products that are easy and affordable to use
  • Reduced impact on the environment and the amount of waste your company creates by
  • purchasing biodegradable, recycled, unbleached or compostable products – Sourcing Products – Green My Business
  • No harmful chemicals within the products that could be transferred onto the food or drink contents
  • Improvement in your business reputation
  • Free next-day courier services when you spend £75 or more
  • Free delivery if located on one of our ever-growing van routes


Buy Your Green My Business Takeaway Packaging Products Today

With a wide range of takeaway cups, cutlery, bags and containers available, we have plenty of ideas to ensure a more environmentally friendly product without sacrificing results, usability, or affordability.

No matter your requirements at Green My Business, we will have the product range for you. For more information or to make an order, contact us today at 01392 824868 or email us at

We also offer a wide range of commercial cleaning and catering products if you’re interested in transforming the way that your business operates. All our products are also available for domestic use – providing cost effective, easy to use, and environmentally friendly alternatives for the home.