We supply our own range of Environmentally Friendly Chemicals. Available in recycled 5ltr containers, they are designed to be diluted down into our re-useable screen printed trigger bottles. Each 5ltr container will fill approx. 200 trigger bottles at a few pence each, so the products are extremely cost effective.

Green Orange is a light duty degreaser and multi surface cleaner which can be used on floors, walls, surfaces, and is made from a blend of natural ingredients with a fresh scent of orange rind.

Green San is a food safe, double chain quat sanitiser for use throughout the kitchen and front of house.

Green Wash is a non acidic washroom cleaner, with an apple scent. This product is suitable for daily use and can be used in all areas of the washroom.

We also supply environmentally friendly Dishwashing products – made from our local supplier less than 5 miles away! Green Dish is a phosphate free dishwasher liquid detergent. In addition to this, we provide a Glass Wash, a chlorinated version of the Green Dish when water conditions require it, and a phosphate free machine rinse additive suitable for both commercial cabinet glass washing and dishwashing machines.

We also offer enzyme based products such as Urinal cleaner, Toilet Blocks, and Drain Maintainer – that help cut down on grease and unpleasant odours in a more environmentally friendly way. Please contact us directly or search our product pages for more information.