More Eco-Friendly Products Added

We are always looking for more eco friendly alternatives, so we are pleased to announce we now have more new products added to our range for you to purchase. Following on from a successful introduction of the Delphis foaming oven cleaner in an area where we were previously lacking in eco-friendly solutions, we have now increased the range of Delphis branded products that we supply. We have also added the following odour control solutions designed to eradicate offensive smells and freshen drains.

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New 100% Home Compostable Double Walled Coffee Cups

Exciting news, we now have New Home Compostable Double Walled Coffee Cups A fully home compostable double walled cup with a tree-shaped logo celebrating sustainability. The cups are made from sustainably-sourced materials and have aqueous coating lining rather than PLA which makes it 100% home compostable and recyclable and safe and non toxic.

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New Eco Gloves Now In Stock

We now have new Biodegradable nitrile gloves in stock that break down 10x faster than standard nitrile. These are called Bluple Nitrile Gloves and they do not take an extended period to biodegrade using BDG technology. So what is BDG technology? BDG technology integrates the existing manufacturing process with compromising product quality. It comprises of an organic addictive to accelerate the biodegradation rate of gloves in biologically active landfills. How does it work? BDG is a 'food source' specially formulated to attract microbes found in landfills. When bacteria consume the BDG they excrete and enzyme that dissolves and de-polymerises the polymer chain. The process called mineralisation allowing the microbes to break down the remaining polymer naturally, leaving behind only biogas, eater and inert soil.

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Reusable Microfibre products

We have a wide range of reusable microfibre for you to purchase. We have a few different options to choose from depending on what you are using them for. We have heavy duty microfibre commercial quality which we offer in the four core colours, blue, green, yellow and red. These are sold per cloth to suit your needs. We also have a contract microfibre cloth, these are not as thick as the heavy duty but a cheaper alternative which is still effective. These are offered in packs of 10 and come in Blue or Pink. The price is very cost effective at £6.95 per pack of 10. Microglass cloths are another big seller. These are professional quality microfibre cloths made from 97% recycled material, and they are designed to be used as an alternative to chamois for smear-free cleaning of glass and stainless-steel surfaces.

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First collaboration with Delphis

Exciting news.. we are now in the process of adding more environmentally friendly products for you to purchase. These are products from a brand named Delphis. Delphis specialise in all things eco and this is our first collaboration with them in order to fill a gap in our environmentally friendly range. Just like our products, their products are also environmentally friendly and effective without the use of harmful chemicals. Meaning they are also Biodegradable, plant-based and safe.

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Environmentally Friendly Refuse Sacks

We have extended our RECYCLED ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY GREENSACK range. We now stock HD Black, Medium Duty Clear, Black Compactor, Clear Compactor and Medium Duty Green! The Green Sack™ range is 100% recycled refuse sacks, which offers the toughest, greenest UK-manufactured refuse sacks for the retail, janitorial, food service and local authority markets. The sacks are manufactured buy one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of refuse sacks - RPC bpi refuse. They support the circular economy by turning plastic, otherwise destined for landfill, into second-life products. The company recycles more than 150,000 tonnes of plastic material each year.

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