We have extended our range of environmentally friendly refuse sacks! We now stock Green Sacks™ in HD Black, Medium Duty Clear, Black Compactor, Clear Compactor and Medium Duty Green!


The sacks are manufactured buy one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of refuse sacks – RPC bpi refuse. They support the circular economy by turning plastic, otherwise destined for landfill, into second-life products. The company recycles more than 150,000 tonnes of plastic material each year, giving new life to polythene from commercial, industrial, packaging and agricultural sources.


The Green Sack™ range is 100% recycled refuse sacks, which offers the toughest, greenest UK-manufactured refuse sacks for the retail, janitorial, food service and local authority markets. The Green Sack™ range not only helps conserve resources and reduce landfill, but is produced at RPC bpi refuse’s in-house facility, giving it a carbon footprint up to a third lower than alternative recycled refuse sacks typically produced in the Far East.


We are happy to work with this company, as this sets RPC bpi refuse apart from other manufacturers in terms of sustainable procurement: clients that buy second-life recycled products such as its recycled refuse sacks save valuable resources and inject income into the national economy. They are also helping to save the planet, as every tonne of polythene recycled by the company saves 1.8 tonnes of crude oil, reduces energy use by two thirds, uses 90 per cent less water and cuts sulphur dioxide emissions by 33 per cent.