We are well known for having our own range of green products, eco-friendly cleaning products manufactured in a UK based environmental award winning factory. Wherever possible our aim is to transition our customers from standard products to eco friendly consumables at a comparable price. Here are some “swap” suggestions we can provide to help you green your business!

We sell standard black sacks but did you know you can swap to our 100% recycled sacks for just £2 more a case and lower carbon footprint by up to a third! These sacks are produced from UK farm waste.

Our biobags are made from corn starch and are designed for kitchen caddy’s for food waste. We offer a range of sizes to suit your needs such as 10L, 25L, 35L, 50L and 90L. The bags are fully compostable and approved for food waste recycling.

We sell standard blue centrefeed rolls but as can offer a recycled eco-friendly alternative. You can swap to our Eco natural brown Kraft centrefeed rolls which are 100% recycled tissue. The natural Havana colour comes from the recycled pulp being unbleached and the natural colour of the original wood pulp. This product comes in a case of 6 and cost £15.98.

Another tip is to make sure the napkins you are using are eco friendly. Swap to our recycled unbleached napkins. These are made in the UK and do not contain any chlorine or colouring hence the natural pulp appearance.

We are a distributor of Vegware and we can offer a range of takeaway food packaging that is completely compostable. Varying from cups, to takeaway food cartons, soup containers, cutlery and much more! The compostable Double Wall Kraft coffee cups are very popular. This is the greenest insulated hot cup on the market. Lined with plant-based PLA, not plastic.

Our microfibre cloths are also an eco friendly option. They reduce the amount of chemicals required and are lint free. These are £1.25 per cloth. We also offer the Microglass cloths which can be used to clean using just water. BEST OF ALL they are machine washable. They can be washed and re used time and time again without losing quality. We offer these in all the main colours – Pink, blue, green and yellow.

Along with the microfibre cloths, we also sell microfibre mop heads. Same as the cloths – these can be washed and re used! We offer two sizes. A 30cm pad and a 50cm pad to suit your requirements. You need to purchase the Pad, Handle and Velcro fit frame – all of which can be used time and time again.

We have recently found bio degradable aprons! These come on a roll but do need to be purchased in cases of 1000. The size

of the aprons are 69 x 107cm. We can source them in blue or white. These are not held in stock due to it being a new product but if you are interested we are happy to order in!

We are also now able to offer an eco friendly piping bag option reducing waste from disposable. These are Nylon ultra flex piping bags and we can o

ffer sizes from 280 to 500mm. They are food safe and washable making them reusable.

We are continuously looking for alternatives and eco friendly products to offer. If you have an idea in mind, please contact us and we will do all the hard work and do our best to source for you!