Eco-friendly J cloths

We now have Eco-friendly J cloths in stock and available in packs of 25.

They are made from 100% natural rayon fibre which is compostable in normal conditions. The cloths and even the packaging is plastic-free which is an extra bonus. Please see link below to purchase.

Compostable sponge scourers

We also now have in stock and ready to purchase Sponge scourers which are made of compostable cellulose and coconut fibre! These come in packs of 5. Every year in the US 600,000,000+ single use plastic sponges end up in landfill! Do your part with an eco friendly alternative.

Compostable food prep gloves

We now have access to compostable food prep gloves with a loose fit. These gloves come in handy dispensers of 100. Perfect for hygienic kitchen prep. An eco alternative to plastic gloves, which can contaminate food composting. Compostable plant-based PLA material. Natural white colour. Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted. Please see link here. £6.50 per box of 100.

Biodegradable aprons

Following on with compostable PPE. We also now stock white biodegradable aprons on a roll of 200! These are prices at £9.95. These comes in size – 69x117cm with the thickness being 18 microns and they Degrade by 85% within 100 days of disposal.