Due to changes in formulation, all of our liquids will start to slowly have the dye removed going forward, the liquids will now be a clear pale straw to straw colour rather than the current colour liquids you are are familiar with. For example, at the moment our Greensan is blue in colour and the blue dye will be removed. However this product is still the same product and we are not changing anything else. Just simply removing the dyes. So you may receive a liquid from us that looks different to prior. This change of appearance is due to the phased removal of all dyes from our products.


So why are we making this change? The reason for this change is to remove a set of raw materials that serve little practical function other than altering the appearance of the product. This is in line with our mission to be as eco friendly as possible and to help ensure that we prevent waste and focus fully on product functionality. Every ingredient must serve a functional purpose with the overall aim of improving product performance. Since dyes do not meet this criteria, it has been decided to cut this raw material from any products.


This is the only change made to the products you currently purchase from us and will not affect performance or product application, only the appearance. They are just as effective as always!

Many thanks
The GMB Team