Tea Light Candles

£5.95 Ex-VAT

Tea Light Candles – comes in 8 hour and 4 hour variants.


Tea Light Candles – comes in 8 hour and 4 hour variants. This is not an environmentally friendly product – we are looking for a cost effective, eco-friendly alternative and will switch over when we have found something suitable.

  • Quality candle in metal holder
  • Each tealight lasts up to 8 hours
  • Bag of 50 or 100 unscented tealights
  • Ideal for tables and sides
  • White colour

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tealight (also tea-lighttea lites or tea lighttea candlest-lite or tcandles), or nightlight, is a candle in a thin metal or plastic cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit. They are typically small, circular, wider than their height and inexpensive. Because of their small size and low level of light, multiple tealights are often burned simultaneously.

Tealights derive their name from their use in teapot warmers, but are also used as food warmers in general, e.g. fondue. They are a popular choice for votive candles. They are also suitable for accent lighting and for heating scented oil. Tealights may be set afloat on water for decorative effect.

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4 Hour Bag of 100, 8 Hour Bag of 50


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