Beer Line Cleaner 5 Litre

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Beer Line Cleaner – comes in clear or purple –  for use with licensed trade cleaning. 5 L Container.


Beer Line Cleaner – comes in clear or purple –  for use with licensed trade cleaning

  • Cleans and sanitises pumps, lines and equipment
  • Fast results
  • Removes residue
  • Easy to use
  • Rinses away easily

If you are using your beer line regularly, it is advised to clean your beer lines every two weeks, but once every six weeks should suffice at a minimum. It may be most convenient to simply clean and sanitize your lines between each keg you hook up to your draft system.

beer tap is a valve, specifically a tap, for controlling the release of beer. While in other contexts, depending on location, a “tap” may be a “faucet”, “valve” or “spigot”, the use of “tap” for beer is almost universal. This may be because the word was originally coined for the wooden valve in traditional barrels. Beer served from a tap is largely known as draught beer, though beer served from a cask is more commonly called cask ale, while beer from a keg may specifically be called keg beer. Beer taps can be also used to serve similar drinks like cider or long drinks.

Draught beer, also spelt draft, is beer served from a cask or keg rather than from a bottle or can. Draught beer served from a pressurised keg is also known as keg beer.


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