Black Paper Straws Box of 250 (6mm by 200mm)

£2.95 Ex-VAT

Black Paper Straws – Made in the UK. Box of 250


Black Paper Straws. Manufactured in the UK. Box of 250.

Add an eco-friendly touch to your drinks service with this pack of 250 6mm black paper straws. Made in the UK from sustainably sourced paper, these straws are kinder to the planet’s natural resources and can be composted within 12 weeks in industrial composting sites.

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Plastic straws account for a significant amount of unrecycled plastic waste, and contribute to plastic pollution in the ocean. As a result, numerous campaigns in the 2010s have led to companies considering a switch to paper straws, even though 90% of ocean plastic comes from 10 rivers in Asia and Africa.

After consideration of a ban in the UK, in 2018, after a two month trial of paper straws at a number of outlets in the UK,[59] McDonald’s announced they would be switching to paper straws for all locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.and testing the switch in U.S. locations in June 2018.

Starbucks announced conversion by 2020 to no-straw lids for all cold drinks except for frappucinos, which will be served with straws made from paper or other sustainable material


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