Eco Friendly Stain Remover 10kg

£28.95 Ex-VAT

Eco Friendly Stain Remover 10KG


Eco Friendly Stain Remover 10KG

Professional oxy powder destainer booster.

• Excellent oxygen stain removal powder.

• Removes stains without fading fast coloured textiles.

• Safer to use than chlorine based bleaches on dyed or coloured items.

• Kinder to the environment than chlorine bleaches.

• Highly effective soaking or washing agent for mould & mildew removal.


We are proud to be partners with Ideal Manufacturing, a UK manufacturer who make our eco-friendly range of laundry products – Environmental Policy – Ideal Manufacturing


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Phosphates in detergent refers to the use of phosphates as an ingredient in a detergent product. The disadvantage of using phosphates is that they remain in wastewater and eventually make their way to a natural body of water.[1] While phosphates are low toxicity, they instead cause nutrient pollution and feed the algae. This leads to eutrophication and harmful algal bloom


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