Enzyme Urinal Blocks

£16.95 Ex-VAT

Enzyme Urinal Blocks – 1.1 Kilo Tub


Enzyme Urinal Blocks – 1.1 Kilo Tub

A lemon scented urinal deodoriser and freshener with powerful enzyme action. Each block combines chemical cleaning agents with safe biological activity to remove the solids that cause blockages and washroom odours. Average contents 50 blocks.

Prevent odour and scale build-ups from ruining your urinals with these biological urinal blocks. These blocks use UK-cultivated enzymes to break-down the organic matter that builds in your urinals. Not only will this help to keep your toilets hygienic, but it’ll also minimise pipe blockages, scale deposits and keep urinals smelling fresh – maintenance made that bit easier for your staff!

Free from PDCB and other harsh chemical, these biological blocks can also reduce, or even remove, the need for flushing urinals – minimising your water consumption to give you long-term cost savings.


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