Espresso Machine Cleaner 900 gram

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Espresso Machine Cleaner 900 gram

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Espresso Machine Cleaner 900 gram

Thanks to its highly efficient formula, this espresso machine cleaner quickly eliminates residue in heads, valves and lines, combining maximum solubility and cleaning power with a convenient, easy-rinse formulation. Not only does this help to clear any residue left by water or coffee, but also helps to clean your coffee machine’s mechanism to ensure it runs as smooth as possible. As the espresso cleaner leaves little-to-no residue behind, there’s no risk of your coffee’s flavour behind tainted after rinsing.

  • Weight 900g
  • Contact Time: 5-10 Minutes
  • Preserves the working life of your machines
  • Specially formulated for use on coffee machines
  • This cleaner is food safe
  • Perfect for commercial and domestic use
  • Uses Per Bottle: 300
  • This cleaner quickly removes residue in group heads, valves and lines
  • Ensures thorough cleaning and easy rinsing

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