Wooden Cocktail Sticks

£1.95 Ex-VAT

Wooden Cocktail Sticks 80mm Box 1000


Wooden Cocktail Sticks 80mm Box 1000

A fundamental supply for any hotel, bar or restaurant, this 1000 pack of biodegradable wooden cocktail sticks have a huge variety of uses. From placing cherries and olives in cocktails, to holding club sandwiches together and providing an elegant way for your guests to enjoy buffet food, these essential items are truly versatile. These cocktail sticks are strong and sturdy, making them highly resistant to breaking when skewering your food.

The renewable wooden material means these cocktail sticks are also highly sustainable and will biodegrade quickly and safely. Using these cocktail sticks will therefore help you to do more for the environment and show customers you really care about important global issues.


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