We have a wide range of reusable microfibre products for you to purchase! Extremely effective at cleaning, they use less chemicals than other cloths and can be washed and reused several times.

Our best seller is the heavy duty premium microfibre cloths. They are fantastic quality and are great for heavy duty cleaning tasks because of their high absorbency. They come in four colours – blue, green, yellow and red, and are sold per cloth to suit your needs.

  • Ultra-Fine Microfibre Technology – Collects dust and dirt from any surface
  • Lint Free – Prevents scratches when cleaning table tops, glass and delicate materials
  • Chemical Free Cleaning – Performs perfectly dry or damp with just tap water
  • Machine Washable – Can be washed time and time again without losing quality.

We also have contract microfibre cloths. These cloths are not as thick as the heavy duty but provide a cheaper alternative and are still effective for general purpose light duty cleaning and wiping down surfaces. They can also be washed and are designed to be used damp for chemical free cleaning and dry to shine polished surfaces. These are offered in packs of 10 and we stock them in the colour choices of blue, red and green. The price is very cost effective at £6.95 per pack of 10.

Microglass cloths are another big seller. They are professional quality microfibre cloths made from 97% recycled material, and are designed to be used as an alternative to chamois for smear-free cleaning of glass and stainless-steel surfaces. Simply wet the cloth and wipe your glass or stainless steel area – no chemicals needed!. These can also be washed numerous times. They are sold individually in green or blue.

  • Heat sealed edges for longer life
  • Effective cleaning for smear free glass
  • Professional alternative to chamois and scrim
  • Ideal for stainless steel

And don’t forget our microfibre floor pads for mopping! The pad’s surface is effective at picking up dirt from floor surfaces and the velcro backing attaches onto the flat mop frames. We offer them in two sizes – a 30cm pad which fits a 24cm frame, and a 50cm pad which fits the 40cm Velcro frame. The size you need will depend on the area you are using it for. The pads can also be washed and reused over and over again. You will need to purchase, the required size pad, the matching frame and a colour coded handle to complete the set!

  • Flat thick Absorbent Pad
  • Microtex quality fibres for deep cleaning
  • Washes over 250 times by hand or machine
  • Colour tags for coding hygiene
  • Superb performance and durability

Flat mop frame with a collar and grip fitting – Two sizes 24cm (for 30cm pad) 40cm (for 50cm pad)

  • Strong Frame for Microfibre Pads
  • Compression Fit onto Aluminium hygiene handle
  • Flexible joint for adaptable cleaning
  • Quality welded Velcro strips
  • Ideal for high, low and difficult tasks

Our handles are universal for many of our products as they have a screw fit bottom for tool end, so they are suitable for all of our mops, frames, brooms, squeegees etc. They are a 120cm long pole of aluminium. They have colour coded comfort grip, you can choose from Blue, Red, Yellow, Green.