Our Mission

  • To provide an easy-to-use range of sustainable and low impact solutions to everyday cleaning, maintenance, packaging, and disposable challenges.
  • To offer our customers green alternatives for their consumable and cleaning needs from a range of environmentally active, awarded, or ethical UK manufacturers.
  • To reduce our carbon footprint by using regional suppliers and delivering locally using our fleet of vans. In turn we aim to offer our customers a comprehensive one stop shop so that they can reduce theirs too.
  • To be competitive on pricing, even when compared to non-environmentally friendly products, to remove this stigma and help people achieve their green goals.

Our Vision

Reduction in the reliance of toxic chemical cleaners in the workplace, woven imported cleaning materials and non-recyclable and compostable packaging, materials and poly products such as polystyrene and plastic extracts and mouldings.

Promoting toxic free UK made cleaning solutions, recycled and sustainable paper tissue products, microfiber technology materials, recycled and biodegradable sacks and bags & packaging such as compressed board, bagasse & poly lactose to our clients and prospects.