We are always looking at ways to keep the costs down for our environment conscience customers and are pleased to announce that we have now been able to reduce the cost of our 2Ply unbleached KRAFT recycled napkins to the following prices:

33cm 2Ply 2000 – £28.95 and 40cm 2Ply 2000 – £38.95

And our unbleached 2Ply handtowels come at a great price too! £22.95 for a case of 3000.

Whilst you are making the switch, why not make the swap from your regular blue centrefeed rolls for our EcoNatural 2ply Kraft Centrefeed? Eco Natural is 100% recycled paper with ecolabel certification. The tissue is very high quality, soft and absorbent, yet retains excellent wet strength due to the plies of tissue being glued together. Customers tell us it goes further than the traditional blue roll because of its extra absorbency, and the price difference is narrowing all the time because less chemicals, water and power is used in the manufacturing process.

We supply a full range of Recycled Kraft products, along with the above we can supply you with all your catering needs. We are a supplier of Vegware packaging and offer a wide range of items from takeaway packaging, bags, cutlery, straws and so much more! As always, if there are any items you cannot see on our website, make sure you contact us and one of our friendly team will be on hand to help source for you in a matter of days!