We have our own range of eco-friendly cleaning products manufactured in a UK based environmental award winning factory. They provide extremely high cleaning, sanitising and degreasing performances on all surfaces and can be diluted to your cleaning needs. Coming in recycled 5 litre containers, we also supply the reusable 500ml trigger bottles for this purpose.

We sell compostable Vegware/London bio packaging. Take a look at our Food wrap section for the range which includes compostable cups, food cartons wooden cutlery and much more.

Microfibre reduces the use of chemicals by 75%. Our cloths and mop pads are commercial quality and they can be laundered and then re-used over 500 times! Find them on the shop tab under microfibre and mops.

We now offer Refuse Sacks from Recycled Farm Waste! The bags are branded “The Green Sack”. We sell these as an alternative to some of our customers if they want to go down the green route.

Our paper supplier is based in the North of the UK and many of the products are made using recycled paper. We sell various toilet rolls for dispensers and ones for use without dispensers. A big seller is our recycled mini jumbo toilet paper which comes in a case of 12. We offer two core sizes we have a 60mm core and a 76mm core. You can find this under our paper products tab on the shop section.

We were the first company to recognise that napkins usually contain a bleach additive so we asked our manufacturer to create a natural, unbleached napkin from 100% recycled pulp. We also sell recycled interfold unbleached handtowels in a case of 5000.